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About The Author

Marisa Masterson and her husband of thirty years reside in Saginaw, Michigan. They have two grown children, one son-in-law, a grandchild on the way, and one old and lazy dog. 

She is a retired high school English teacher and oversaw a high school writing center in partnership with the local university. In addition, she is a National Writing Project fellow and a regular contributor to the Sweet Americana Sweethearts and Sweethearts of the West blogs.

Focusing on her home state of Wisconsin, she writes sweet historical romance. Growing up, she loved hearing stories about her family pioneering in that state. Those stories, in part, are what inspired her to begin writing.


A Snowy Delivery for Christmas (Ornamental Match Maker Series Book 21) by [Masterson, Marisa]
Mrs. Claus has a very special ornament for a lonely woman this Christmas. Two people will form a family to provide for the special delivery left on the steps one snowy night.

From the author of A Bride for Darrell and A Shadowed Groom for Christmas comes a sweet historical romance laced with mystery and suspense…

Bode needs this is opportunity to prove he can be a successful businessman. His trustee, however, won’t release the necessary funds unless Bode marries, by proxy, the man’s choice of brides. He willing agrees. After all, he can annul the marriage after the money is in his possession.
All thoughts of annulment disappear when he meets his less than shy or wilting Violet. But will Violet stay with him when she learns how Bode makes his living? Why do attempts on his life start when he makes it clear to the people around him that he plans to stay married?



Alone! Kitty Donaldson’s marred face keeps her isolated from others. When offered the opportunity to be a mail-order bride to a stranger who refuses to leave his home, Kitty gladly accepts. After all, she’s always lived without friends.
Kit Randolph has been hideously scarred in a mysterious fire. Did someone purposefully burn down his home? His cousin Phineas suspects someone near to Kit is a murderer. How can he prove it?
Married to a man in a mask, Kitty begins to wonder about her husband. Who or what lies under the hood he wears? Why is she constantly shadowed by a companion? Worse yet, why is she equally drawn to her scarred husband and his handsome cousin.
What will Kitty find when her husband’s mask is removed? With a murderer on the loose, will she live to find out?


A newly edited version of the novel from the bestselling author of A Bride for Darrell and A Farmer for Christmas–

An orphan, Carlene January travels to Idyll Wood for a job. What she finds instead is trouble that sends her fleeing into the night.
Manny Strong wants to escape the demons that drive him—namely his father and alcohol. After overhearing his father tell his lawyer that Manny wasn’t his child, he decides to leave that night.
From a logging camp to a local farm, this man and woman are on a collision course that leads them into marriage and a fight for Carlene’s life. Will Carlene’s determination and Manny’s desire to save her be enough to give them a happy ending?
Discover more secrets in the town of Idyll Wood in this romantic sequel to Hart’s Longing.


A man who has loved her for five years without telling her…

Only two weeks before he has to leave both her and Idyll Wood…

A secret that keeps them apart….

Zelly Fuller believes she’s worthless. Her mother certainly made sure of that. Zelly just doesn’t know why. Being loved is an impossible dream until him…
Hart Bahr has loved her from afar. Learning about a bet to harm Zelly, he decides it’s time to claim her as his, both to love and to protect her. Zelly, however, just might have other ideas about that.
With a bully whose father has the sheriff in his pocket, mysterious skeletons that bring an old secret to light, and Zelly’s own uncertainty, the road to true love runs anything but smoothly in this sweet historical romance.
Discover if Hart’s longing ever becomes true love in this debut novel.

A sweet, historical western romance in the Proxy Bride series…

If Darrell Dean wants to inherit half of the Silver Queen mine, he needs to marry. Though he doesn’t even like the girl, he agrees to marry the local saloon owner’s daughter. He doesn’t expect the surprise that he receives when a woman interrupts the wedding.
If Willa VanDurring wants to escape the danger stalking her, she needs a new name and a somewhere far away to go. At her guardian’s urging, she agrees to marry Darrell Dean by proxy and then immediately leaves to join him in Colorado. She doesn’t expect to interrupt his wedding when she arrives.
Can a man who didn’t agree to marry the proxy bride and a woman pursued by murderers make a life together? What happens when the danger finds her? In a town with no law, how will she survive?


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